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This story is of transformation of a small satellite unit of the farm division at Rudrapur, which rolled out its first tractor on March 28, 2000.

Though the initial journey consisted of small opportunities which came with a production schedule of 5 tractors per shift per day, the young team faced their real challenge in 2005.

The challenge was to ramp up the production with a “Lean & Frugal mindset” with land availability of just 8 acres along with poor availability of skilled manpower and infrastructure . The team took the challenge as an opportunity and set up facilities for engine and transmission assembly, raising the production from 5 tractors per shift per day to 60 tractors per shift per day which resulted in an increased overhead of ` 27,000/-per tractor. The paint shop was set up inside the plant through a “Way of Collaboration”.

When demand increased, the 3rd shift was started in March 2007, and today it is the first Automobile Company in both India and abroad to operate the assembly process in this manner.

Rudrapur is the only plant in the world to challenge the industry benchmark of 3.5 to 5 mph and improve the pace of work which resulted in a man-day’s saving of INR 16700 and an overall cost saving of INR 70 lacs.

With a TQM way of working, the plant collaboratively worked together with other plants in FES and won the JQM Award, Platinum award of India for Manufacturing Excellence, for proving its excellence through TPM.

Over the years, Rudrapur plant has not only set industry benchmarks and ensured profitability but also generated more employment opportunities and contributed to the infrastructure development of the town.

Rudrapur is an example of creating a way out when all routes are blocked!