Posted by Mahindra Remembers with On 10-Jun 2014

The journey of Bolero, that started four years ago, seemed unachievable at the onset. It started off with an idea of making the highest selling UV, in a 3-wheeler plant, with a team that had an average experience of 2.5 years and no experience in four-wheeler automobile manufacturing. This unanticipated challenge, faced back in 2008, was turned into an opportunity by the Bolero team as they possessed a unique trait of ‘Accepting No Limits’.

The team started from scratch by learning assembly intricacies, engineering competencies, and building up required resources and systems. The existing infrastructure of Champion Line was modified to accommodate the Bolero.

In a month, all hurdles were overcome to build the first Bolero. It took another month to shift the whole assembly process to the conveyor, without disrupting the Champion production. They used concurrent engineering to manufacture the target of 500 Boleros. One model -Bolero DI, was increased to a mix of 4 different models -DI, SLX, SLE and Longer.

Every quarter, higher volumes were targeted to reach 4000 Boleros per month, adhering to all norms while maintaining low costs. So impactful was the performance, that the AFS President quoted this achievement as one of the biggest success stories in the History of M&M.

Swift decision making, trust, and support from the top management have kept fuelling the fire of ambition, making way for the impossible. Says the team, "No, we are not done yet…we are dreaming of 5000 a month! We are not only a success story of the past; we are hungry for more..."