Posted by Pradeep Kasliwal with Renuka Bommisetti , On 6-Jun 2019

Renuka Bomisetti

1.My attachment with Mahindra will always be memorable as it was my FIRST Company .My journey with Mahindra was only 2 years as I had to leave my job due to permanent sift in my Location from Chennai

2..During my first 6 months I am little bit nervous to participate in the Programmes of the organisation but Mahindra Nurtured me in such a way that I became one of the active participants in the Programmes of the organisation

3.My Manager always encourages and provides insights to do things in a different way and also recognizes my Innovative work through Spot Awards.I still remember the day when my manager was appreciated me for doing cash flow comparison and analysis of S201 & U321 projects with the less available inputs

4.I generally used to leave late during month end due to monthly accounts closing , I had lots of fun and Knowledge sharing during that time with my colleagues which gives me energy to work even after the regular timings

5.My first ever Flight Journey , five star hotel experience and Mumbai city tour experience was happened  through Mahindra and Mahindra for attending Annual offsite from Chennai to Mumbai.Our Annual offsite is like a small get together of all employees of F&A team from various locations of M& M .We participated in various games,activities and had lots of fun and enjoyment during our get together 

6.Due to my career option CA I generally had a less chance of fun & enjoyment during my college days but Mahindra gave me a life time full of  memories within less span of 2 years and also changed my perspective on life. Thank you Mahindra and Mahindra for everything