Posted by Mahindra Remembers with On 10-Jun 2014

The Mahindra Centuro captivated the attention and interest of many, since it’s launch. While Centuro became the star overnight and generated an instantaneous buzz, there were also few roadblocks along the way. With high demand and low supply, unwillingly, this situation gave rise to a few irate customers. However, the Two-Wheelers team pulled a rabbit out of the hat when they managed to deliver 25 Mahindra Centuro’s.

Since there was a delay in delivering the bikes to the owners by 15 days, the team wanted to go the extra mile. They chose to organize a small event in order to make it a memorable day for all. With only three days from the day they received the consignment till the date of the event, this was no mean feat. Teamwork, meticulous planning and timely action helped them to plan the course of action.

The 25 customers were invited to Standard Automotive (the dealer). They ensured pre-delivery inspection for all bikes, before they were handed over. A small set-up was created to display and deliver the newly-launched Mahindra Centuro. All the customers were called on stage and personally handed over their Centuro-keys in front of a cheering audience. As camera flashes set-off, the customers were asked to speak a few words about the bike, on the joyous occasion. A few customers spoke about regretting the fact that they didn’t own this bike before. The key reason for this revelation was the advantage of having a ‘Theft Key,’ that the Centuro boasted. This would have prevented losing bikes.

A Mahindra Centuro was placed outside the showroom, for display. Taking advantage of the event, a presentation and a free test ride of the Centuro was arranged for. The location of the event was of prime importance too. It was located in a high traffic zone, thus arresting peoples’ attention as soon as the traffic lights turned red. This guaranteed many fleeting glances towards the Centuro!

On the same day, the team received four new bookings! The team comprising Rajiv Gurnani- ZBM, Nitin Asthana- ZMM, Rakshit Ra- CBM, Awadhesh Singh- ASM, Anil Parmar- SE, Shobhit Jaiswal- Sales Offices, Navneet Gupta- RE and the entire team of Dealer Standard Automotive left no stone unturned. They ‘Accepted No Limits’ when it came to ‘customer satisfaction.’