Posted by Pradeep Kasliwal with Hillary T Gomes , On 6-Jun 2019

Hillary Gomes
Central Stores AS
Administration Kandivali
CAS / CIS Worli
Mahindra Hockey Tea.

I was associated with my colleagues in Kandivali Worli and HO from 1974 to 2013 , but the Best experience and satisfaction I received when I visited my colleagues and bosses in 2017 . I had requested the Management and Mahindra Alumni to visit members and thanks to Mr Anand Mahindra , Mr Rajeev Dubey, Mr Prince Agustine I was permitted to visit Alumni and Spouses of ex Alumni. It was the most fulfilling and happy experience to meet my colleagues. During our working life we hardly meet families of our colleagues except at marriages or funerals.
After obtaining the names and address of our Alumni I started my visits area vise from 930 am to  2 pm. I covered Alumni from Bandra to Churchgate , Bandra to Dahisar , Bandra to Thane , Pune .I missed out few in Malad and Borivali either due to non availability or shortage of time .
I was blessed to meet Alumni in NZ and Canada and UAE.
I thank the Management and my Colleagues and Bosses and their families for their warmth and affection.
Due to Sports Travel and Administration I knew almost all the Alumni who I visited. We shared many experiences and memories.
God bless all of you with good health and happiness always.

Kind regards