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Truthful record of few of my experiences

                                       My tenure at M&M Nasik from 1993-1997

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It is nearly 22 years that I left M&M Nasik but my memories of my unique experiences at M&M Nasik are very clear, fresh and rejuvenating even today

I joined M&M Nasik in March/April 1993 as GM Operations For Nasik Plant Operations-Even though changing jobs for better opportunities was not a new thing even during those days but my experience from Day 1 at M&M Nasik (After relinquishing my Job at Bajaj Auto ) was so enthralling that I felt fully supported and sense of long time belongingness  even as moved in. The reception was so friendly and compassionate and supportive I felt absolutely at ease and fully motivated  to work  in a self directed Team concept & practices followed at M&M Nasik plant

The first major event was the launch of  Mahindra -Ford Operations at Nasik Plant .For this event We had  dignitaries Like the Chief Minister of Maharashtra ( Mr Manohar Joshi) Dr Alex Trotman Chairman Ford International along with Chiefs of Major Ford Companies , Mr Keshub Mahindra Chairman M&M Ltd. Mr Anand Mahindra Md M&M Ltd and all CEOs of Major Mahindra Group Companies  along with many Gusts from Industry Associations Industries and Government Organizations  attending the Inaugural Event.

 Myself And the entire M&M Nasik Team under close guidance of Mr Allen Durant ED and Mr Rajan Narayan EVP M&M Auto Sector were responsible to ensure smooth organization of such a mammoth of an event including preparation of a Helipad right in the Middle of M&M Nasik Plant to enable direct landing of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra ,Dr Alex Trotman Chairman Ford Int Mr Keshub Mahindra  and few more for the event since Nasik Air strip was out of bonds for Civilian use in such a large number.

The Preparations lasted almost a Month with all Micro details prepared and approved for execution.

All roads  needed to be redone with Increasing the size in some case and trimming of the bushes and trees to ensure smooth landing of the Two Helicopters landing and takeoff amidst many industries and trees in the surrounding area outside M&M premises I do not remember any member of the execution team from M&M Nasik plant left for home during this period without ensuring that the days schedules in respect of preparations  are completed.

WE also had informed the local CID and police departments securing permission to conduct the event at M&M Plant. There was a regular surveillance conducted by the Invigilation wing of CID with Sniffer dogs and the site of the Inaugural event for safety and security of the dignitaries during the event

Few of the Interesting moments  while preparing for the launch event

1, A day before the event Mr Rajan Narayan Visited M&M Nasik to oversee if all arrangements and he landed  directly at the M&M Nasik plant at 7.00AM Since no senior officer at the plant was at the premises he went around himself in his car stopping at all points where curb stones were kept in the Middle of the Internal Roads  Instinctively and as every one new him  he personally started moving the stones and throwing them awa y to the sides of the roads ans spent almost 1Hour in removing the train.Mr Rajan as I knew him would not tolerate any thing being not in order at any point he notices he would not wait to enquire or ask some one to correct the things he would take up the work on himself and doit. ( In those days we did not have even mobile phones in use)

As me and few of my colleagues entered the plant at around we came to know that Mr Rajan has been in the plant since 7AM and has cleaned all the roads from the curb stones kept in the middle. I did rush to meet him He looked tired at upset that things were not in order. While I was pained to see the physical strain Rajan had faced . I however knew for a fact that the curb stones were deliberately kept in the middle of the road primarily since the central line of the roads were marked with fresh white paint and to avoid any cross movement of people or vehicles which could spoil the paint which was partially wet. But in true sense Rajan was a task master  intolerant of delays and likely disturbances which was one thing I learnt while being associated with him

2.The Second Experience was also during the Mahindra Ford Launch event .

While we had completed all the important activities including permission from the local police of Approximately 250 of the Mahindra Ford Plant Workmen(Main Jeep Plant Workmen were not included in the List of participants since the Police dept had asked to keep the crowd to as minimum as possible) also participating in the event. The Police sub inspector along with his team had taken details of the workmen to ensure that no other person not included in the list tries to enter the premises on the event day especially since the Chief Minister of the State was the chief Guest of the event We were happy that we had completed all the formalities as preparatory for the event and were looking forward to smooth conduct of the event.

Just an hour before the event after the arrival of Mr Keshub and Anad Mahindra at M&M Nasik plant a brief review meeting was held While reviewing about the preparations Mr Keshub Mahindra enquired whether we have included all workmen from Nasik Plant in the event >Mr Rajan Narayan on behalf of Nasik organizing team explained that we have included all workmen from Mahindra Ford Plant but could not include the Jeep, Plant workmen due mainly to Police Advice and also due since a normal working day and the Jeep ,Plant worked in Two shifts and all the workmen could not have been able to attend the event.

Mr Keshub Mahindra was not satisfied   and insisted that we should invite all the workmen from Jeep Plant to the major event of Mahindra Ford Launch and he insisted that as per the culture of M&M every employee should be a participant in such events.

Mr Rajan Narayan had a brief talk with Mr Allen Durant and called me outside the meeting hall asking me to declare a half day break to the Jeep Plant and arrange to immediately Invite all Workmen including those in the second shift to attend the launch event. I was literally sweating with nervousness since we had limited seating arrangements and more than anything the Police department would not relent to permit at this late hour allowing another 1000 Workmen without verification of the personal details and in a likely cramped seating arrangement.

I tried to explain to Mr Rajan Narayan as also Mr Allen Durant  but was told that we need to comply with the advice of Mr Keshub Mahindra  who would not agree to the status quo.I did talk to my team members who were equally confused as to the way out to manage the change, I called up the Police Commissioner office I was told he was busy in reviewing Police security arrangements In the Satpur MIDC Area and could not be spoken to on telephone or wireless.

I rushed along with M&M Chief Security Officer to meet the Police Commissioner  near  MICO BOSCH company it took me 15 -20 minutes for me to locate the officer .(In the mean while I was in touch with  HR chief of Nasik plant to ensure that urgent communications are sent to all workmen of Jeep plant to attend the Inaugural event compulsorily.)I finally could meet The Police Commissioner along with Mr Churu The Chief of M&M Security I did explain the reasons for our asking the Jeep plant Workmen (Additional 1000 persons ) in to the Inaugural event. The Commissioner of police was unrelenting insisting that he was himself under strict instructions to absolute safety and security since  the Chief Minister is present and Dr Alex Trottman was to be treated as a Diplomatically important Guest in India.

I had to literally beg of the Police Officer to grant permission for the additional attendies  to the event that M&M Security would take utmost care to ensure safe conduct of all Workmen Participants from M&M Plant during the event. Even  one of the Nasik Plant union leader who was with me assured compliance to disciplined behavior and safe conduct of the event. The Police commissioner after lot of persuation  and after  his discussions with his seniors in Mumbai  on wireless asked few of his senior officers to quickly survey of the event location along with our reps and if convinced may  consent to our request we lost precious  45 minutes in all this running around and finally just half hour before the event start The Police agreed to written request made by us and allowed us to invite Jeep, Plant Workmen also to attend the event. Me and my colleagues in the team heaved a deep sigh of relief  returned to M&M  and informed  Mr Keshub Mahindra that Jeep,Plant Workmen also would be participating in the Inaugural event of Mahindra Ford Plant

This one Incident has taught me a great lesson in life Not To Say  NO For a Good Cause and if our intentions are good every thing ultimately falls in line.