Little drops of water make a mighty ocean’- Julia Carney

This is the story of a young man, a believer who wants to make a positive impact on the world. Mr. Ishwar Bidve, working as an office assistant at Mahindra Systech hails from a small village in India. A man with dreams that extend beyond the universe, he is an efficient and enthusiastic member of the team and is always ready to take up any task by the horns.

When Mr. Sanjay Joglekar, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Systech Sector recognized Ishwar’s potential and realized that he could do a lot more, he encouraged him to enroll for a graduate course. Ishwar took up a bachelor’s degree in Arts, in which he received a first class in the first year itself!

He has also received a lot of support from all the department members. Ms. Sangeeta Sawant often helps him to learn and improve his English language skills. Due to his enthusiasm and the motivation from his department, Ishwar plans to continue pursuing the graduation course in English as the medium of study since it is a universal language. He has had very little exposure to the language but is confident that he will be able to cope.

While working and studying, he also likes participating in extra-curricular activities. Recently, he participated in a debate competition in his college and spoke on the recent, tragic ‘Nirbhaya case’. He strongly expressed how the laws needed to become more stringent so as to prevent such misfortunes. It is encouraging to hear such thoughts emerging from such a young mind. Needless to say, he was victorious and was awarded!

Ishwar aspires to complete his bachelor’s degree in economics and politics. He also wishes to study to become a lawyer, so as to help bring criminals to task while amending our lenient laws. Ishwar is truly an epitome of ‘Driving Positive Change’. It is very inspiring to hear such noble thoughts from the youth. They are the future of our nation!