Posted by Mahindra Remembers with On 10-Jun 2014

In 2005, the capacity of Mahindra Rudrapur plant was five tractors per day per shift. The team decided to maximize the production first to ensure adequate opportunities. The small size of the land, poor infrastructure, and non-availability of trained employees were a few challenges.

The team set up facilities of engine and transmission assembly and raised the capacity to 60 tractors per day per shift. This resulted in savings of Rs. 27000 per tractor. Next, they planned a machine shop where the challenge was to fit machines into a small plant. They also set up the paint shop inside the plant. Demand was rising, and it was time to consider the 3rd shift. Today, we are the first manufacturing company in India and abroad to operate assembly in the 3rd shift.

The improved production process has increased efficiency from 3.5 mph to 5 mph, which again made us the only manufacturing plant in the world to move at such a pace.

The capacity of the plant rose from 60 to 183 tractors per day (3 shifts). With regard to quality, the plant is both Deming and JQM certified. The Rudrapur plant has set industry benchmarks and ensured profitability too.