Posted by Mahindra Remembers with On 10-Jun 2014

The R & D engine, CDMA and STA team faced the challenge of developing low-cost BS3 and BS4 emissions for the high-volume Motor Development International (MDI) technology engines. Their target was to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

The conventional approach of adding another Common Rail platform would be ineffective for the BS4 emission engines, would involve a huge cost, and would limit the sales of MDI to only non-metro cities.

The team came up with a novel approach - the Unit Pump Common Rail (UPCR) that had a low-cost fuel injection system, could be adjusted externally, and had all features of the common rail. For the first time, the common rail could be used for all four cylinder engines such as the Bolero, the Scorpio, the BMT, and the LCV. The different approach pursued by the team for fitting the Cam Box with the Power Factor pump was a time and cost saver.

The results were outstanding. The Cam Box, a unique drive for the UPCR pump, was patented in India as ‘Unit Pump Drive Mechanism for Common Rail Diesel Engine: 2703/MUM/2010.’ There were huge savings in the manufacturing costs, and the new solution opened up sales avenues in A Category metros - a big potential for the organisation.

These new innovations provided the customers a better fuel efficiency, NVH (Noise Vibration Harness), a solid MDI base that was recognised and applauded around the world, and overall, a better drive.
The team deserves applause for innovation and thinking out of the box!