The XUV 500 BS4 has been a brilliant performer! Feedback received from several external agencies and auto experts, have shown that the fuel economy and drivability of the XUV 500, have made it the best in its class.

The five-member team, consisting of Mr. Ghodke Pundlik, Mr. Vasudeo Halbe, Mr. Sachin Bahl, Mr. Nirman Sarkar and Mr. R Hariharan, all from the Engines Department, relentlessly pursued innovative approaches in technology. Their consistent efforts gave incredible results!

Their use of alternate technologies and the methods they adopted for calibration of engine performance optimization, vastly improved the performance of the XUV 500. Working on customer feedback, the team suggested the use of Generation 5 technologies, while avoiding the use of multiple, after-treatment devices for meeting emissions. These changes reduced back pressure and produced more engine power. The adoption, of multiple pilot injection technologies, generated an extremely low, engine Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH), as well.

A fuel efficiency of 15.1 kmpl for Front Wheel Drive (FWD), and All Wheel Drive (AWD) (CO2 = 175 g/km) accrued as a result of the team's efforts. Their new approaches, which were focused on customer needs, yielded breakthrough solutions in the performance of the XUV 500. A true example of 'Alternative Thinking' at its best!