Posted by Mahindra Remembers with On 10-Jun 2014

In 2008, the Fine Blanking shop faced severe capacity constraints. The production was 2000 pieces per shift on an average, with the highest production of 3,50,436 per month; whereas the requirement was for 4,15,000 per month. The team was unable to complete the schedule and until 2007 new orders were not being accepted.

The shop had two fine blanking machines but they could not be utilized to increase production and meet spiralling customer orders as the output was not consistent.

Initially, they thought of purchasing a new fine blanking machine but, decided to initiate various improvements by using DMAIC cycle.

Complete fine blanking tools were upgraded by standardizing tool materials, improving alignment of dies and punches, standardizing pillar sets, H.T cycles modifications and keeping standby tools. Fine blanking machine breakdown was reduced by providing auto lubrication, rectification of feeder and pressure variation problems, and by improving the efficiency of the chiller.

With these improvements, the average productivity improved from 2,000 pieces to 3,000 pieces per shift. The highest ever production of 5, 00,057 pieces was achieved in July 2009, which sufficiently met customer demand.

The team worked collaboratively and found out of the box solutions to solve the problem. They met the customer demand and also avoided the Rs.8 crore expenditure of a new fine blanking machine.